Cross Blues
This CD contains delta blues slide guitar songs, such as Bye and Bye I'm Going To See The King, I Want Jesus To Walk With Me, and more. If Old Gospel Blues is enjoyable to you, you may enjoy this CD.

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Biblical Response To The Jehovah Witness
To Every Muslim An Answer
Supposed New Testament Contradictions
 Are You Investigating Mormonism?
Who Does The Jesus Seminar Speak For?
Do You Believe In Evolution?
 Is Freemasonry Satan's Door To America?
The Bible Versus the Koran
Quotes By Joseph Smith
Stumping The Jehovah Witness
Isa, The Muslim Jesus

Organized in a question-and-answer format, this book is designed to help Christians explain their faith to Muslims. It not only contains the answers to the most common objections, supposed refutations, citations, and arguments, it lovingly but unequivocally presents the key tenets of Christianity-Jesus Christ is more than a prophet.





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